2-Day Classes Wed/Thur 233-238

233 Judy Mason
234 Yvette Stanton
235 Kerry Seeley
236 Maree Talbot
237 Jane Nicholas
238 Margaret Light  (full)

233 Kick Up Your Heels
Judy Mason

Level: Beginners/Intermediate
Project Size: 18x16cm

This decorative shoe is a fun piece which will give you a chance to be creative. It is worked in surface stitching – satin stitch, French knots, long & short stitch, couching, mostly in single stranded or silk threads.

If you can thread a needle you can achieve this project. This is a chance to use up all your bright miss-matched colours leftover from other projects, the bolder the better.

Kit Cost: $25
Kit contains silk fabric printed with the design, full instructions and photos.

Judy Mason has been a member of the OEG for many years. She was taught needle work at KETC by the late Helen Moran. She enjoys all aspects of embroidery and loves using a variety of colours together to create an image, just like painting. Judy has taught at Wanaka/Guild/May Day, and enjoys going to classes and learning new techniques.


234 Portuguese Whitework Sampler
Yvette Stanton

Level: All Levels
Project Size: 11.5×11.5cm

This workshop teaches the basics of Portuguese whitework, known as Guimarães embroidery, from northern Portugal. If you are scared of bullion stitch, there is no need to be – this class is a great way to learn and perfect bullions on 38 Count linen.

This sampler is a totally new design and following this class, students should be able to complete any project in Yvette’s Portuguese whitework book or create their own designs.

Students could frame their class piece or make it into a pincushion, cushion, biscornu, needle book etc.

Kit Cost: $25
The kit contains 38ct linen, perle cotton, needles and tacking

Yvette Stanton is an Australian embroiderer, embroidery tutor and author of needlework books. She predominantly focuses on traditional and historical forms of embroidery, often whitework. Yvette is also the author of two stitch dictionaries, one of which is for left-handed embroiderers, as she is left-handed. 





235 Daisy in the Window (repeat of workshop 214)
Kerry Seeley

Level: Intermediate
Project Size: 15x20cm

Stitch an exquisite, jewel of an embroidered bag using delicate white on white needlelace and a semi-transparent “window” with white shadow work.

Madiera appliqué or pin stitch appears on many vintage items from homeware to clothing. It usually joins two pieces of fabric with a beautiful entredeux type edge. In this project, semi-transparent silk  is inserted into fine linen to create a window.

Embroidery stitches used are shadow work stitches and stem stitch. A beautiful buttonhole needle lace, (punto in aria), edge completes the piece.

Kit Cost: S15

Kerry Seeley has a passion for white work in all its counted forms including needle lace techniques and different ways of stitching letters and monograms as well as having experimented with a host of other techniques. Kerry has tutored and exhibited throughout New Zealand for the past 25 years.


236 Peacock Splendour
Maree Talbot

Level: All Levels
Project Size: 12.5×12.5cm

The design you will complete in this class features a peacock surrounded by scrolls of gold, stitched in Gum Nut yarn “Stars” silks on 55 count Kingston linen. The class covers all techniques needed to stitch the piece.

The stitches you will use are raised stem band, fly stitch, satin stitch, chain and heavy chain stitch, and you will work the stitches on a sample before going on to the main project. Your finished piece can be framed or mounted on the lid of a box.

Kit Cost: $45
Includes pattern with detailed instructions, colour photos, 55ct Kingston linen printed with the design, prepared backing fabric, Mill Hill beads, Swarovski crystals, YLI gold and Gumnut Yarn “Stars” silks required to finish the project.

Embroidery and art have always been a large part of Maree Talbot’s life, her passion being the Elizabethan period especially its plants and animals. She has been teaching embroidery: to Guilds, in embroidery shops and to embroidery groups throughout Australia, for over twenty years. As a result of seeing the works of various tutors, she decided to use her own artistic talents in designing embroidery projects and in advancing her knowledge and skills in embroidery, the results of which we can see in the classes she has offered.  





237 Shakespeare’s Flowers
Jane Nicholas

Level: Intermediate
Project Size: 10.5x14cm

This small stumpwork panel is the third in a series inspired by the illustrated border of a letter written in 1598 – the time of Elizabeth I and Shakespeare. In this class, you will embroider on ivory silk satin with silk threads.

This design features flowers common to the era: The Gillyflower, Dianthus caryophyllus, with petals worked in Turkey knots and a padded base covered with detached buttonhole stitch, a Periwinkle, Vinca minor, with detached wired petals, Plums, Prunus domestica, embroidered and appliquéd, and Barberries, Berberis vulgaris, worked in padded satin stitch. The panel is outlined with a border of fine red lines, worked in back stitch.

Kit Cost: $45
The kit contains all materials required to work this project: Ivory silk duchess satin, quilter’s muslin, tracing paper, red felt, paper-backed fusible web, beads and coloured wires. Threads – Soie d’Alger Silk, Madeira Silk, YLI Silk Stitch Silk, Sampler Threads from the Gentle Art Cotton, and DMC Stranded Cottons.

Jane Nicholas has been researching and working in the field of embroidery for twenty five years. She specialises in stumpwork and goldwork embroidery, has written nine books, and has contributed widely to journals and magazines on the subject. She teaches widely for Embroiderers’ Guilds and businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America and continues to research and develop new techniques – particularly in stumpwork.





238 Deerfield Style Tile -Full
Margaret Light

Level: All welcome. It is assumed beginners will have a knowledge of basic surface stitches.
Project Size: 20x20cm

This project using Deerfield embroidery stitches has been framed in 3D as a tile, but the design could equally be made up as a cushion or a bag front.

The design features a two-handled vase with sprays of foliage and flowers, and is worked with one ply wool in tones of blue on off-white linen twill, using stitches typical of Deerfield work.

Students will extend their knowledge of early American surface stitches and gain an understanding of the history of the Deerfield Society.

Kit Cost: AU$45
Kit contains linen twill, Gumnut Daisies 1ply wool, detailed notes.

Margaret Light has been tutoring in Surface stitchery throughout Australia and New Zealand since 2004. She was accredited in that technique by the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild in 2007, and specializes in Crewel embroidery. She delights in sharing her exploration of early techniques with others, and finds constant inspiration for her projects from the decorative arts, her research into the history and evolution of design, and the application of surface stitches from around the world.