2-Day Classes Wed/Thur 227-232

227 Camilla Watson   (cancelled)
228 Dale Rollerson   (full)
229 Margaret Lee    (full)
230 Anne Jacquiery   (cancelled)
231 Heather Hamm   (full)
232 Christine Bishop   (full)

227 Autumn Leaves (repeat of workshop 206)Cancelled
Camilla Watson

Level: All levels, some experience with a sewing machine is required
Project size: 22.5×27.5cm

Experiment with machine free-motion capabilities and raw-edge applique.

In this class, you will begin with a small pre-printed panel which you will then enhance with machine appliqué and embroidery. You will learn to use the ‘free-motion’ or ‘darning’ foot on your machine to create flowing satin stitch as well as lovely twisting curves, and then, with your machine, create separate 3-Dimensional foliage to be attached on top.

Participants should complete or be near to completion within the two days.

Kit Cost: $35
A partial kit will be provided, with the pre-printed and prepared background fabric and soluble stabiliser.
Students will need to have a sewing machine. Indicate on the registration form if you are thinking about hiring a sewing machine. Full details for hire will be sent with the needs lists.

Camilla Watson is an award-winning textile artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally at many Quilt symposiums. She has been teaching for more than 30 years and has received awards for Outstanding Adult Educator for her courses.


228 Old Doors and Openings – Full
Dale Rollerson

Level: All Levels
Project Size: Student’s choice

Old doors hold secrets, old marks, peeled paint, exotic patterns and an opening. This is a fun workshop in which you will be encouraged to try new techniques using a variety of mixed media.

In this fun class, you will make little fabrics and papers, work with paint and cut and link lots of elements together to create a small series of doors and then to assemble them into fabric pages.

Kit Cost: $40
Students will need to have a sewing machine. Indicate on the registration form if you are thinking about hiring a sewing machine. Full details for hire will be sent with the needs list.

Dale Rollerson has worked with threads and fibres throughout her entire life and since 1993 she has worked as a full-time textile artist. Her work involves the use of the domestic sewing machine and experimental mixed media and her current fascination is with fragments and distortions, and with the colour and beauty of silk. Dale opened The Thread Studio in 1995 and she has taught for many years in several countries.


229 Sakura Purse – Full
Margaret Lee

Level: All Levels
Project Size: approx. 8-10cm purse base

The focus of this workshop is on traditional Japanese beading and design. The sukura flower is synonymous with Japan and is symbolic of spring, a time of renewal.

You will gain a variety of skills including: the use of colour to create dimensional perspective; creating long lines with different techniques to achieve the desired effect; understanding the foundation principles for excellence in bead embroidery; planning the embroidery process for superior outcomes and understanding the importance of movement in design and selecting techniques to enhance.

This small coin purse project includes Japanese beading techniques of line of held thread; 1-needle koma method couching; scatter effect; creating symmetrical motifs and creating lattice effect.

Kit Cost: $75
Kit contains the metal purse frame, fabric with printed design, interfacing and padding fabric, needles, threads, beads, step-by-step instructions with full colour photos.

Margaret Lee is a specialist tutor in a variety of Asian embroidery styles. She is a well-known author and has taught and exhibited widely. Margaret learnt and practiced Chinese embroidery from a young age. After moving from Singapore to Adelaide she began teaching embroidery and from the early 2000s decided to specialise in the area of her passion, Asian Embroidery.


230 Poppies in the Mist (repeat of workshop 209) – Cancelled
Anne Jacquiery

Level: All Levels
Project Size: 8x8cm

In this class, you will complete a small jewel of a picture, with mountains in the background, and the foreground is stitched in poppies. You will learn a simple style of shading under the poppies, which gives the picture depth and perspective.

Kit Cost: $30

Anne Jacquiery grew up in Wanaka which was the perfect place to build her creative ability. She has a passion for sewing, beading, and stitching or anything she can design, make and create. Anne now lives in Dunedin and has been embroidering and attending classes for more than 20 years. She now enjoys passing on her knowledge as a tutor.


231 Colour Through Canvas  –  Full
Heather Hamm

Level: All Levels
Project Size: 14.5x28cm open, 14.5x10cm when folded

This project is a modern hussif in a very useful size and colours with zing.

The stitching includes a variety of canvaswork stitches, worked diagonally to create an interesting design. The class encourages individual use of colour using tones and hues of basic threads that compliment and contrast with each other.

The colours can be supplemented with metallic, silk or rayon threads to provide further interest and highlights. Students will gain skills and confidence on choosing colours and highlights.

The project will not be completed in class but full instructions will be given for lining and finishing.

Kit Cost: Nil, no kit provided

Heather Hamm trained as a Home Economics teacher in Dunedin where she was first introduced to embroidery and later spent many years teaching textiles. Heather moved to Tauranga in 1988 where she joined the local Guild and has served on the committee several times in varying positions. She has tried a variety of embroidery techniques but frequently returns to two of her favourites, pulled thread and canvas work.


232 Peony Rose Sweet Bag, Pin Cushion and Scissor Fob – Full
Christine Bishop

Level: Intermediate
Project size: bag 13.5x20cm, pin cushion 6x6cm, fob 3.5×3.5cm

Lovers of counted work will enjoy working this sweet bag, scissor fob and pin cushion. Instead of the usual counted stitches, the design is worked in a wide variety of unusual stitches. The pink peony roses are outlined within a traditional Japanese lattice design on 28 count Permin ‘Lambswool’ linen.

Kit Cost: $35
Kit contains 28 count Permin ‘Lambswool’ linen, gold thread, #8 and #12 perlé cotton, 7 stranded cottons, fibre filling for pincushion, #24 and #26 tapestry needle, #9 crewel needle

Christine Bishop has studied textiles, and embroidery styles and techniques, in a variety of countries including Britain, Italy, UAE and Cyprus. She has taught extensively throughout Australia for the past 35 years and has published several books on embroidery.