2-Day Classes Wed/Thur 221-226

221 Jo Dixey
222 Shirley Pygott   (Cancelled)
223 Hazel Blomkamp
224 Merrilyn Heazlewood
225 Fiona Crowther-Aker   (Cancelled)
226 Alison Snepp

221 Contemporary Silk Shading
Jo Dixey

Level: All Levels
Project size: 15x15cm

Really get to grips with long and short stich during this 2-day workshop. Learn how to keep your stitches smooth and how to change colours to create a shaded piece of art. In this workshop, you will create a simple, abstract design so you can focus on the stitch.

Kit Cost: Nil, no kit is provided,

Jo Dixey is a well-known embroiderer and Stitch Artist. She has had many commissions, and has taught and exhibited widely, throughout New Zealand and Australia, for both embroidery and quilting.


222 Sparkling Mandala – Cancelled
Shirley Pygott

Level: All levels
Project Size: 30x30cm

This seemingly complex design is built up using simple stitches and based on traditional mandala symbols.

Students will gain skills in stitching in the round, balancing colours and tones and layering sequins. Students are encouraged to use the embellishments to complete an individualized design. A great variety of outcomes is possible and the project can be finished in a number of ways. The sample has been finished as a footstool.

Students may purchase the complete kit or just the detailed notes and choose their own colourway based on a variegated thread. The design is stitched in perle 5 and perle 8 threads.

Kit Cost: $55 or $4 for colour notes and provide own materials
The kit contains all materials to stitch the project and detailed full-colour notes. (The full kit does not include the footstool).

Shirley Pygott enjoys using traditional techniques and materials in new and innovative ways, she especially likes using metal thread, surface stitch and needle lace. Shirley has tutored and exhibited widely for several years and has been the recipient of many awards.


223 Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork Embellishment
Hazel Blomkamp

Level: Competent Intermediate to Advanced
Project Size: fabric book with each page 15x23cm

Aside from learning how to make 3-dimensional beadwork flowers and leaves, along with needle tatting, in this workshop you will work on printed sample fabric when learning the needle lace and bead embroidery techniques as well as the thread and ribbon stitches.

These pieces of fabric will ultimately form the pages of a rag book, the cover of which will be embellished crazy patch. The kit will consist of a made-up piece of crazy patch, which measures 150 x 230 mm, ready for embellishment by you, using the techniques that you have learnt in the workshop.

Once complete, the rag book will not only provide a vehicle for learning and practise, but will also become a reference book for future projects.

You will need to have a copy of Hazel’s book, Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork, (approx NZ $39.99) and should bring that book with you to the workshop.

Kit cost: $145
The kit contains a block of made-up crazy patchwork for the fabric book cover; printed stitch sample “pages”; DMC perle #12, Dentelles #80 and stranded cottons; Di van Niekerk hand painted silk ribbon; tatting shuttle ready wound with perle #12; beads and needles in a needlebook. There will be a variety of colourways available, and threads or beads from your own stash can be added.

Based in Southern Africa, Hazel Blomkamp is an author who has embroidered from childhood.  Her books include Crewel Twists, Crewel Intentions and Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork, along with stitch guides for needle lace and needle weaving techniques.  During 2018 her new book, Crewel Creatures will be published.  She has taught in countries on four continents and is looking forward to sharing her techniques and skills in New Zealand. 





224 Empresses Night Out
Merrilyn Heazlewood

Level: Intermediate Level
Project size: 18x15cm

This design was inspired by the Emperor Penguins of the Antarctic who are usually dressed in dinner suits, but you will embroider Ladies Florence, Myrtle and Beverley all dressed up in evening gowns.

You will have the opportunity to move the thread colours around and to work with a wonderful range of metallic and fuzzy threads to create a fun design in more than ten freestyle embroidery stitches and a small amount of needlepoint.

Some pre-Embroidery School preparation needs to be done at home. This allows the fun of creating the garments from the first morning.

Kit Cost: $120
Includes instructions, Mountmellick fabric cut 14×14”, Rainbow Gallery: Gold Rush, Neon Rays, Silk Lame Braid, beads, sequins and pearls.

Merrilyn Heazlewood is an internationally renowned hand embroiderer, designer, author and teacher. Merrilyn opened her first needlework shop in 1978 and, with her artistic heritage and passion for handwork, this was the starting point for a long creative and rewarding journey, with needle, threads and fabric.





225 Love that Thread – Cancelled
Fiona Crowther-Aker

Level: All Levels
Project size: 20x25cm

The design for this class features a heart at the centre which is inspired by Mountmellick. You will complete surface embroidery, including all of the stitches needed to complete the design, which are mostly worked with heavy thread on heavy fabric.

You will not complete a finished item in two days but when finished, the piece can be used for a variety of items such as the sample Threads Compendium or framed or sewn onto a jacket.

My intention is to have fun creating something manageable by all, beginners to more experienced needle workers.  Some homework is required prior to the workshop. The base pattern needs to be transferred to fabric and the trellis work completed on the fabric so students can get onto their stitches in the class.

Kit Cost: $35
Includes pattern Instruction Booklet for both designs and Stitch with me DVD.

Fiona Crowther-Aker has been tutoring for a number of years in a variety of techniques including smocking, raised embroidery, Elizabethan and Ruskin. She credits her learning to family members and talented elders of the Guild she belongs to. Fiona strives to provide comprehensive instructions for all the projects she designs, with take home information for completion.


226 Dodecanese Embroidered Bag
Alison Snepp

Level: Experience of working counted thread embroidery on even-weave
Project size: 30cm wide, 23cm deep and 44cm high, including handles

The Dodecanese islands are in the Aegean Sea off the coast of Turkey. This project is based on historical needlework in a technique that has been lost over the last couple of hundred years. Alison will bring an old Dodencanese embroidery to class so students can study this interesting historical textile up close.

You will learn the padded Rhodian cross stitch common to Dodecanese Embroidery The project is a pouch style bag with the sample worked on Danish Handcraft Linen 12U, an unbleached 30-count linen, using Gumnut Yarns ‘Stars’

Kit Cost: $35 for Folio
The folio includes detailed full colour notes, charts and detailed finishing instructions.
Students may choose to use the same fabric and thread as Alison or a mixture of ‘Stars’ thread and stranded cotton or even just stranded cotton.

Alison Snepp is well known for her many years of teaching in Australia, New Zealand and London. During the past 33 years she has written several books as well as having exhibited widely. Alison has also received numerous study grants and commissions.