2-day Classes Mon/Tues 215-220

215 Maree Talbot   (Full)
216 Jane Nicholas
217 Margaret Light   (Full)
218 Ronnie Martin
219 Gary Clarke   (Full)
220 Glenys Fry   (Cancelled)

215 Animal Series – full
Maree Talbot

Level: Intermediate. Some experience with detached buttonhole needed.
Project Size: each design 10.5×3.5cm

This workshop is inspired by embroideries of animals and plants stitched in the Elizabethan period. The workshop teaches the complexities of stitching animals and students will learn how to shape the animals so they look three dimensional and life like.  You will be given four animals printed on linen and will have your choice of which of those animals you wish to work on in class.

The pieces are stitched in Gumnut Yarn “Stars” silk on 55 count Kingston linen, printed with the designs. Stitches used are chain, whipped chain and detached buttonhole stitch. You will cover the techniques used to stitch the piece on a sample before going onto your main piece. Once you have worked one of animal designs you will be able to work through all of them if you choose.

Kit Cost: $85
You will have the choice of four animals in this workshop, the hare and the squirrel being simpler and the deer and the camel more complex. The instructions are very detailed with colour photos. There is enough linen, thread and prepared backing in the kit to work the sample and complete all four animals.

Embroidery and art have always been a large part of Maree Talbot’s life, her passion being the Elizabethan period especially its plants and animals. She has been teaching embroidery: to Guilds, in embroidery shops and to embroidery groups throughout Australia, for over twenty years. As a result of seeing the works of various tutors, she decided to use her own artistic talents in designing embroidery projects and in advancing her knowledge and skills in embroidery, the results of which we can see in the classes she has offered.





 216 Pink Japanese Plum Blossom
Jane Nicholas

Level: Intermediate/Experienced
Project Size: 8cm circle

This goldwork plum blossom was inspired by a Japanese family crest, known as a mon. The Japanese family crest, badge or emblem has been a tradition in Japan since the eleventh century, when they were used to decorate the costumes and carriages of courtiers.

You will use traditional goldwork techniques with a variety of gold metallic threads and beads, and stranded cotton thread in several shades of pink (or the colour of your choice), to complete this small embroidered medallion.

It may be worked on cream silk, satin or a small square of vintage kimono silk, or the fabric of your choice. The finished panel may be framed, mounted into the lid of a box, or made into a brooch.

Kit Cost: $78
Kit contains all specialty materials to complete the design

Jane Nicholas has been researching and working in the field of embroidery for twenty five years. She specialises in stumpwork and goldwork embroidery, has written nine books, and has contributed widely to journals and magazines on the subject. She teaches widely for Embroiderers’ Guilds and businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States of America and continues to research and develop new techniques – particularly in stumpwork.


217 Morning Glory and Wallflower Needlefold  – Full
Margaret Light

Level: Intermediate Some experience of surface stitching recommended
Project Size 24x17cm

Heavily stylized trailing stems link the four folds of this practical needlefold.  The front and back feature mature flowers and buds, whilst the internal flaps show opening and emerging buds.

Stitched with DMC stranded cottons on natural Strathaven linen, the interior is lined with wool felt, and has 8 linen pockets to hold your needle packets. The whole is bound with linen tape, and it folds to 15 x 12 cm, taking up little space amongst your sewing needs.

Students will gain skills in long and short stitch, using interesting textured stitches and achievable making up.

Kit Cost: AU$80 or AU$50 if students supply own threads.
Kit contains Strathaven linen, wool felt lining, pocket linen, linen tape and detailed notes.
Optional: DMC threads to complete the project.

Margaret Light has been tutoring in Surface stitchery throughout Australia and New Zealand since 2004. She was accredited in that technique by the NSW Embroiderers’ Guild in 2007, and specializes in Crewel embroidery. She delights in sharing her exploration of early techniques with others, and finds constant inspiration for her projects from the decorative arts, her research into the history and evolution of design, and the application of surface stitches from around the world.


218 Fabulous Fabrics
Ronnie Martin

Level: All Levels
Project Size: Design and sample class, so student choice

This workshop will focus on helping you to understand about the many products available and their uses. You will create a ‘sampler style’ book to allow for further experimentation and record keeping.

This class allows students to experiment with many products they may have heard about but not used. A clear understanding of their use and application will encourage creative thinking and exciting, individual work.

Kit Cost: $15.00 for some materials provided by the tutor

Ronnie Martin is a well-known mixed media Textile Artist and Tutor who has exhibited widely and she has been the recipient of many Quilting, Creative Fibre and Embroidery Awards. Ronnie is the Creative Director of the annual and very successful, Changing Threads exhibition.





219 Folded Boxes – full
Gary Clarke

Level: Basic/Intermediate
Project Size: 7x7x7cm

You will have a choice of 3 designs for this project. The pattern is attached in such a way that working on black fabric is not a problem. The patterns for the 2 designs not chosen will be included in the kit.

In the class, you will learn to work from the back of the fabric then fill in the details from the front, in this way there is no line detail to remove after the stitching is completed.

Kit Cost: $60
The kit contains pattern, fabric, thread, beads, DVD and instructions. Thread colours used in the models will be supplied but other colours will be available as well.

Gary Clarke is a well-known tutor from Tasmania who studied Art and then worked as a textile designer. He has written books on embroidery, is a regular exhibitor and has taught in several countries. Gary specializes in silk threads on fine organza and different forms of white work.


220 Abstract Landscapes Cancelled
Glenys Fry

Level: Intermediate.  Some competence in your chosen technique is desirable
Project Size: sample 30x36cm but student finishes can vary

This class is primarily about abstract design. You will use the Nelson environment to draw a simple, abstract design in pastels. From this drawing, you will identify an area in it which you would like to develop into a finished piece in your chosen technique.

The finishing could include but is not limited to; painting on fabric and embellishing with metal thread or machine embroidery, embroidering a miniature in or nue, or some method in between that you choose.

The design component, weather permitting, will be done outdoors focusing on the Nelson landscape. Some competence in your chosen technique is desirable as you will complete your piece in your own time. Students will also need to understand the limitations of their chosen technique. Help will be provided to factor these into the design process.

Kit Cost: Nil, no kit provided
If you intend to use a sewing machine please Indicate on the registration form if you are thinking about hiring a sewing machine. Full details for hire will be sent with the needs lists.

Glenys Fry joined the Canterbury Guild in 1985 but now she resides in Blenheim where she is an active Leader and tutor. Her interest has been cantered around learning traditional techniques and then presenting them in a contemporary design.