2-Day Classes Mon/Tues 208-214

208 Margaret Lee  (full)
209 Anne Jacquiery
210 Heather Hamm
211 Christine Bishop
212 Judy Mason
213 Yvette Stanton
214 Kerry Seeley  (Cancelled)

208 Wild Iris – full
Margaret Lee

Level: All Levels
Project Size: 11×17.5cm

In this workshop, you will create a simple portrait of a wild iris done in the style of Chinese Brush Painting. Through doing this you will gain an understanding of the holistic approach in the practice of Chinese Art Embroidery, (Su Style).

The project introduces you to concepts and practical applications for a variety of techniques which are the essential building blocks for Chinese Art of embroidery. Individual techniques include: Radiating blending; converging blending; random blending; single blending, right and left rolling stitches and framing up.

Kit Cost: $60
Kit contains silk fabric with the printed design, embroidery needles, silk threads, lacing needle, framing up needle, step-by-step instruction booklet with colour photos.

Margaret Lee is a specialist tutor in a variety of Asian embroidery styles. She is a well-known author and has taught and exhibited widely. Margaret learnt and practiced Chinese embroidery from a young age. After moving from Singapore to Adelaide she began teaching embroidery and from the early 2000s decided to specialise in the area of her passion, Asian Embroidery.


209 Poppies in the Mist
Anne Jacquiery

Level: All Levels
Project Size: 8x8cm

In this class, you will complete a small jewel of a picture, with mountains in the background, and the foreground is stitched in poppies. You will learn a simple style of shading under the poppies, which gives the picture depth and perspective.

Kit Cost: $30

Anne Jacquiery grew up in Wanaka which was the perfect place to build her creative ability. She has a passion for sewing, beading, and stitching or anything she can design, make and create. Anne now lives in Dunedin and has been embroidering and attending classes for more than 20 years. She now enjoys passing on her knowledge as a tutor.


210 Pulled Thread Bag
Heather Hamm

Level: All Levels
Project Size: 16.5×25.5cm

In this class, you will complete a design on the front of the bag using traditional pulled thread stitches. Suggestions will be given if participants wish to embroider motifs on the back as well.

The lace style top or frill gives the embroiderer the opportunity to show the delicate pulled thread to the best advantage. Pulled thread is usually stitched white on white but students are encouraged to stitch using their favoured colour and variegated thread.

The bag will not be completed in class but full instruction will be given for lining and construction.

Kit Cost: Nil, no kit provided

Heather Hamm trained as a Home Economics teacher in Dunedin where she was first introduced to embroidery and later spent many years teaching textiles. Heather moved to Tauranga in 1988 where she joined the local Guild and has served on the committee several times in varying positions. She has tried a variety of embroidery techniques but frequently returns to two of her favourites, pulled thread and canvas work.


211 Reticella Sampler – 1 or 2 places remaining
Christine P. Bishop

Level: Experienced/Masterclass
Project Size 11x22cm

In this class, you will be extended in your stitching as you complete a Reticella sampler. It features the development of Reticella from its simplest beginnings to quite complex patterns while still based upon the original grid.

Techniques used include counted, cutwork and needlelace, in particular Italian four-sided stitch, counted satin, needleweaving, whipping, buttonhole and venetian picots.

Kit Cost: $35
Kit contains all materials to complete the project, including linen, perle 8 and 12 for the outlining and cardonnet #80 for the needlelace.

Christine Bishop has studied textiles, and embroidery styles and techniques, in a variety of countries including Britain, Italy, UAE and Cyprus. She has taught extensively throughout Australia for the past 35 years and has published several books on embroidery.





212 Full Bloom
Judy Mason

Level: Intermediate
Project size 13cm x 13cm.

To create your ‘Full Bloom’ picture you will use a combination of Elizabethan stitches, surface stitching and stumpwork, in stranded cotton or silk threads.

This is very cost-effective project as the stitching mostly uses a single strand. You have a chance to use threads of your chosen colour which you may already have.

Kit Cost: $30
Kit includes silk fabric printed with the design, wire for stumpwork, detailed instructions and colour photos. Students to supply threads in their chosen colours.

Judy Mason has been a member of the OEG for many years. She was taught needle work at KETC by the late Helen Moran. She enjoys all aspects of embroidery and loves using a variety of colours together to create an image, just like painting. Judy has taught at Wanaka/Guild/May Day, and enjoys going to classes and learning new techniques.


213 Early Style Hardanger Square Panel
Yvette Stanton

Level: Intermediate
Project Size: 9.5×9.5cm

Early-style Hardanger was worked at a much smaller scale than we are used to, as they were creating or emulating lace. This workshop reintroduces the old-style Hardanger embroidery; using linen thread on 35 count linen fabric and teaches some old stitches which have fallen out of regular usage.

This is not a class for Hardanger beginners, and there will be some accurate preparatory work required before class. Students will need to know how to properly stitch kloster blocks.

The completed panel can be finished into small mat, pincushion, a needlebook or box top.

Kit Cost: $35
Kit contains 35ct linen, linen thread and needles.

Yvette Stanton is an Australian embroiderer, embroidery tutor and author of needlework books. She predominantly focuses on traditional and historical forms of embroidery, often whitework. Yvette is also the author of two stitch dictionaries, one of which is for left-handed embroiderers, as she is left-handed. 


214 Daisy in the Window  –Cancelled
Kerry Seeley

Level: Intermediate
Project Size: 15x20cm

Stitch an exquisite, jewel of an embroidered bag using delicate white on white needlelace and a semi-transparent “window” with white shadow work.

Madiera appliqué or pin stitch appears on many vintage items from homeware to clothing. It usually joins two pieces of fabric with a beautiful entredeux type edge. In this project, semi-transparent silk  is inserted into fine linen to create a window.

Embroidery stitches used are shadow work stitches and stem stitch. A beautiful buttonhole needle lace, (punto in aria), edge completes the piece.

Kit Cost: S15

Kerry Seeley has a passion for white work in all its counted forms including needle lace techniques and different ways of stitching letters and monograms as well as having experimented with a host of other techniques. Kerry has tutored and exhibited throughout New Zealand for the past 25 years.