Our Brochure is Available

Our brochure covering the conference, workshops and exhibition has been sent out with the October Threads.  Members of guilds with early-in-the-month meetings have got their brochure and others will receive theirs soon. For example, Nelson Guild members will receive their brochures at the monthly meeting next week.

Thank you to those who have sent such complementary feedback about the range of workshops offered.

I really wish to stress that we prefer folk to wait until 15 November and then register through the online system. There is no benefit at all to sending in your registration early. Postal registrations do not get any priority. Conference volunteers will enter these into the online system on 15 November, at the same time as everyone else is doing their online registration.

Everyone has lots of time to think about their preferred workshops.

Those registering online will receive confirmation of their registered events as soon as payment is received. Those registering online can pay by credit card, internet banking or cheque. Just follow the instructions you will be given on the screen.

Additional information about the workshops will be available on this site from 15 October.

Cheers, Annette

One thought on “Our Brochure is Available”

  1. Hi to all who have been invloved and still are with the Embroidery Conference Nelson 2018.

    You have done a splended, awesome job of the Registrtion Booklet wahoooooo, tons of classes to choose from, well done, to you all, “Go Girls” keep up the fantastic work.

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