Inspirational Design Workshops

Are you looking for classes to give you confidence to do your own designs, or perhaps take your skills to the next level? We are fortunate to have several tutors with outstanding design and innovation expertise.

Jane Sidall’s 3-day course,  From Story to Embroidery,  will give you skills and techniques to take your ideas to innovative textile art. Bring a story or song lyrics that inspire you and learn how to turn your feelings into unique images.

Ronnie Martin is teaching us how to produce wonderful and innovative fabrics to be backgrounds or the focus of your embroideries. Ronnie’s 2-day class  Fabulous Fabrics,  and her 1-day classes  Make Your Mark  and  Transformations  will give you confidence to experiment with different art products and techniques to use with your work.

I am eager to see what students in Dale Rollerson’s classes come up with. Seeing the Leaves Through the Trees  teaches you multimedia techniques to create 3D leaves that can be added to your embroideries or become the focus of a unique piece. Dale’s  Old Doors and Openings class will have you producing a series of small works of doorways using various multimedia techniques. You will take home your own sampler book to be an ongoing resource for your work.

Each student in Glenys Fry’s Abstract Landscapes class will produce their own personal designs that are suitable for their own favourite embroidery styles and methods. This innovative class will give you the skills to create your own embroidered response to the natural environment.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting more comments about the other categories of workshops available, so keep coming back.

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