Nelson has a very wide range of and a large number of accommodation options. There is something to suit all budgets and expectations.

Beaconview is a 20min stroll to NMIT and provides stunning Nelson views
contact Gordon & Barbara Dicker
Phone (03) 5481103 Cell 0210731472  or 0211651324
for bookings
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Sussex House is very close to NMIT and is one of Nelson’s original family homes. Contact owner Heather D’Arcy for bookings
Phone (03) 5489972
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There are many websites listing accommodation options. Be careful to check the detailed addresses, some site search functions will bring up accommodation in Motueka or Golden Bay as well as Nelson. Most sites bring up only accommodation providers who have “listed” with the site, so try several.

Official Nelson/Tasman councils site – accommodation listings
There are also the commercial sites such as Wotif, Expedia, airbnb,, or tripadvisor. A google search will turn up more.

If you are staying more than “walking distance” from NMIT there is ample free parking on Nile and Alton streets bordering NMIT.