National Raffle Results

Results of ANZEG Conference 2018 National Raffle

Grand prize Needlework Tour – H.Gallagher, Ashburton, #5073
Hazel Blomkamp kit prize – M.Addison, Tauranga, #3553
Nancy’s $250 voucher 1 – K.Pritchard, Birchville, #3793
Nancy’s $250 voucher 2 – S.Lyon, Temuka, #6663
Philippa Turnbull kit 1 – B.Eldershaw, new Plymouth, #2734
Philippa Turnbull kit 2 – L.Milne, Titirangi, #1203

All winners have been confirmed and notified.

Our sincere thanks to our sponsors for donating such generous prizes and to all those who purchased tickets. All proceeds have been used to support running the National Embroidery School.

Last chance to register

We are now into April and our wonderful embroidery event is drawing nearer. All Embroidery School attendees should receive your needs lists by the end of April. If not please contact us via

Late registrations are still being accepted, $15 fee applies, but registrations and class changes will stop on the 30th May 2018. Please encourage any friends who are interested in attending to register soon.

Some folk have taken advantage of the on-line system allowing class changes and, sadly, some folk have needed to cancel their registrations. This does mean that a few places have opened up in some previously full classes.

The workshops pages on this site have been updated to reflect these status changes. For an up-to-the minute accurate list of which classes are full please sign onto the registration system and view the classes pages using the (EDIT) button on your summary page.

If you change your class selection after today, please advise us via email to ensure you get the correct needs list.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in July

Jan 2018 – There is still time to register

Although we have a pleasing number of registrations, we still have room in many of the National Embroidery School classes. Remember, registrations after 28 February will attract a late fee.

We have updated the workshop pages with indications of which classes are full, but it is best to check using the online registration system for the most up to date list.

Are you looking for a class that covers a lot of different stitches or techniques. Check out these classes that do just that…

Jenny Bennett’s Class 301, Poppies Remembrance Needle Book,  features a cover with poppies on it which is very appropriate for our 2018 event, as 2018 will be 100 years since WW1 ended.

Because this is a 3 day class a considerable range of stitching styles will be taught and you will be able to spend a good amount of time learning and perfecting techniques. As well as the poppies there are some delightful pages with small beaded and stitched animals and plants.

Merrilyn Heazlewood’s two day  Class 203 Terracota Tiles is a lovely interpretation of Terracotta in stitch. The layered stitches and textured threads used will extend your counted thread skills and this class is a great chance for cross stitchers to try something just a little different.

In contrast, Merrilyn’s other Class 224, Empresses’ Night Out is a fun interpretation of glamourous penguins off on a night out.  This is an enjoyable class for you to experiment with a wide range of free-style stitches using sparkly embellishments and unusual, metallic and colourful threads.

Registrations going well

Our on-line registrations system is working nicely. Remember that you can sign and change your workshops selections yourself if you need to.

All details about the workshops, kits, sewing machines, rooms etc will be sent out to you by the Conference Committee sometime during March 2018. Please do not contact tutors directly with any queries. All queries should be sent to either or

Thank you to everyone who has registered. It is going to be a great event.

Registrations Open 9am Wed 15 Nov

15/Nov All problems with the payments system were resolved this morning. If you have any issues with the online system then please email me using

The link to our on-line registration pages will be active from 9am Wednesday 15 November.  Credit card payments will be processed immediately. Those wishing to pay by cheque or internet banking will be sent full bank and address details. Once your payment is received you will be sent an automatic receipt from the system.

Special Notes for Paper Registrations

Registration information from those who have sent paper-registrations will be entered once the on-line system is available. Those who supplied an email address will have an automatic confirmation sent by the system. This will be followed by an email from a conference committee member confirming your registration and that we have received your payment.

Official receipts, and class confirmation details to those without email addresses, will be sent by post.

If you have sent a paper-based registration and sent payment directly to the conference committee, DO NOT enter your registration or pay again using the on-line system.

Classes to enhance your skills

Are you looking for a class to increase your skills in your favourite technique? Or perhaps looking for a project that “you can get your teeth into”?  We have included several classes in our line up that are not for beginners.

For machine embroidery enthusiasts, Lois Parish-Evens will teach you how to do thread painting with your machine. Her sample projects for Linear Landscapes are just breathtaking and each student can work on her own interpretation of images so will complete a unique piece.

Those wanting to enhance their contemporary embroidery or textile art techniques should seriously consider Colleen Plank’s Expand Your Landscape class. Students will gain experience with tools to prepare metal and wire for embroidery and have access to NMIT’s excellent textile art facilities such as the dying kitchen, the metal work studio and the felting lab.

Traditional-style embroiderers should be excited about Christine Bishop’s Reticella Sampler. Doing this beautiful project will give confidence and competence in a number of counted, cutwork and needlelace techniques up to punto in aria Reticella lace. The sampler is a teaching project, in the traditional meaning of sampler, but the finished piece is something anyone would be proud to display.

Hardanger and counted enthusiasts will be excited about Yvette Stanton’s Early Style Hardanger class.  Students will complete an exquisite lace-like panel using stitches Yvette studied in the Hardangerfjord region in Norway. Students will learn traditional stitches to use in their hardanger pieces and gain understanding of the differences in the historic style and what we know as hardanger today.

Jo Dixie’s Playing With Stitch class will encourage you to use traditional hand stitching in new and innovative ways. So often we tend to use our lovely stitches in the same way, but slight changes to the techniques will show you the enormous scope of our stitches. Jo’s class will give you confidence to experiment with the fascinating textures and patterns that can be obtained from our basic stitches.

Inspirational Design Workshops

Are you looking for classes to give you confidence to do your own designs, or perhaps take your skills to the next level? We are fortunate to have several tutors with outstanding design and innovation expertise.

Jane Sidall’s 3-day course,  From Story to Embroidery,  will give you skills and techniques to take your ideas to innovative textile art. Bring a story or song lyrics that inspire you and learn how to turn your feelings into unique images.

Ronnie Martin is teaching us how to produce wonderful and innovative fabrics to be backgrounds or the focus of your embroideries. Ronnie’s 2-day class  Fabulous Fabrics,  and her 1-day classes  Make Your Mark  and  Transformations  will give you confidence to experiment with different art products and techniques to use with your work.

I am eager to see what students in Dale Rollerson’s classes come up with. Seeing the Leaves Through the Trees  teaches you multimedia techniques to create 3D leaves that can be added to your embroideries or become the focus of a unique piece. Dale’s  Old Doors and Openings class will have you producing a series of small works of doorways using various multimedia techniques. You will take home your own sampler book to be an ongoing resource for your work.

Each student in Glenys Fry’s Abstract Landscapes class will produce their own personal designs that are suitable for their own favourite embroidery styles and methods. This innovative class will give you the skills to create your own embroidered response to the natural environment.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting more comments about the other categories of workshops available, so keep coming back.

Logos of our major sponsors are over on the right. Clicking on the logo will take you to their website. We sincerely thank our  our major sponsors and urge everyone to support them.

Some Small Workshop Projects

Those of you looking to do a workshop that you have a good chance of getting well advanced with during class time should consider one of these small, exquisite projects. One of the main criteria for selection was the wow! factor. Some of the projects selected are exquisite, small embroideries whose size made photography difficult and so they may not be showcased as well as they could be in our brochure.

Anne Jacquiery’s lovely project Poppies in the Mist (repeated on Wednesday) packs a lot of impact in its 8cm square size and combination of simple stitches. A splendid project for 2018.


Kerry Seeley’s beautiful bag, Daisy in the Window (also repeated on Wednesday) is simply gorgeous and being small means you have a very good chance of finishing it. Perhaps a Christmas gift for someone special, if you could bear to part with it.



I can still recall the gasps of appreciation when we unwrapped Shirley Pygott’s Casalguidi Sea Change Panel (repeated on Tuesday). The fine, delicate stitching has great effect and produces an artwork anyone would be proud to display.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be posting more comments about the other categories of workshops available, so keep coming back.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us feedback on our workshop options. The committee worked hard to ensure a good range of beginners to expert/masterclass projects; choices between projects, design classes and exploring techniques; techniques ranging from traditional to abstract and styles ranging from historical to contemporary.

You will also notice the logos of our major sponsors over on the right. Clicking on the logo will take you to their website. We sincerely thank our  our major sponsors and urge everyone to support them.

Workshops Extra Information Available

All our workshops additional information and photos are now up on the website. Click on the Workshops menu item and select the classes page you are interested in.

The main Workshops page has an index of all the classes pages.
You can download the full brochure and the excerpt containing just the forms from the Registration page.
You can download a excerpt containing just the Exhibition conditions and forms from the Exhibitions page.

Apologies for being a day late with the workshops – we did have some trouble with “Murphy”.

Merchants information and our list of sponsors will be up soon.

Our Brochure is Available

Our brochure covering the conference, workshops and exhibition has been sent out with the October Threads.  Members of guilds with early-in-the-month meetings have got their brochure and others will receive theirs soon. For example, Nelson Guild members will receive their brochures at the monthly meeting next week.

Thank you to those who have sent such complementary feedback about the range of workshops offered.

I really wish to stress that we prefer folk to wait until 15 November and then register through the online system. There is no benefit at all to sending in your registration early. Postal registrations do not get any priority. Conference volunteers will enter these into the online system on 15 November, at the same time as everyone else is doing their online registration.

Everyone has lots of time to think about their preferred workshops.

Those registering online will receive confirmation of their registered events as soon as payment is received. Those registering online can pay by credit card, internet banking or cheque. Just follow the instructions you will be given on the screen.

Additional information about the workshops will be available on this site from 15 October.

Cheers, Annette